ICO Launch

We shoulder ICO services to young entrepreneurs with respect to cryptocurrency beginners. Just contact us and within 2 weeks we will come up with a full plan for your business which will be inclusive of development, marketing efforts and design. Early days of the first two weeks are inclusive of preparation of token definition, white paper, smart contracts and communication messages. What’s more interesting is that you can get your customized marketing plan along with landing page of the website from us. Moreover if you are slanting towards private sales then our personalized contacts with crypto investors globally will surely help you with that.



Landing Page

A professional and well-crafted landing token page will be needed for you to launch the ICO. We will provide you with a well-built professional landing page which will be inclusive of the page design, informative sections and different segments which will surely comply with the cryptocurrency standards. The inclusive package is of team, product overview, tokenomics, ICO schedule and timelines. We will also conclude the landing page with a smart contract so that the live details can be projected for any new visitor.


Blockchain based Product Development

The recording of transactions can be done by blockchain in the best possible way as it is a great source. We fashion ideas into practical demonstrations for our customers and highly value their priorities. It is suggested that a short product test be taken in the beginning before the supply chain process to start. Our expertise is in developing products which are based on Hyperledger, Blockchain, Ethereum and R3Corda. We will surely equip your business with the best possible solutions that it needs.


Private Sale without Smart Contract

ICO has to survive the test of time when it comes to Private-Scale. We are proud of our experts who assist beginners in standing concrete on their feet at the private stage. Only when we personally believe that a client is confident, then we take the next step of assisting them in making the sales pitch in the pursuit of attracting investment.


Smart Contract for Pre-Sale/Crowd Sale Token

There are many elements which we put into perspective when looking forward to a smart contract. The aspects are Hard cap, ICO Date, refunds, Bonus, Burnable, Mintable and Ownable. All of these things are aggregated when it comes to the token document submission.


White Paper Drafting

This is perhaps the most important document as it will project your ideology to the prospective investor. We will assist you in carving a smart whitepaper document which will act as a catalyst for your business.


Social Media Service

This is inclusive of a smart approach towards your social media profile with a blend of crispy profile and customized designs.


Support Community Management

This service of ours is a unique approach towards manufacturing strong community relationships on different public platforms and crypto platforms. We will bridge the gap between community and trust.


Growth Hack/ICO Marketing Services

Looking forward to magnify your business with the help of different marketing platforms? We walk the extra mile to make sure that we uplift your business when you come to us.


Bounty Program

Having a strong social media profile is not the only thing on our bucket list for your business. We have a team of professionals who will do the extra efforts of blogging, language translations and reporting for your business. A bounty program is set up to get all of your work done externally with maximum accuracy. When you will enroll your business with us then we will even provide you with an admin panel.


Reverse ICO Services

This platform is responsible for containing the token sales which have already been raised as a result of a successful product. If your business is an average sized firm then we are here to assist you on how to magnify your business with minimum investment. We will also assist you on how much capital is needed to water your business.


ICO Technical Services

This is yet another service that we palette for our customers after the completion of Pre and Post ICO Launch Token which is later developed and then transitioned into smart contracts.


Post ICO Services

Well, the marketing of the product is not the only thing that one has to look after. Scaling up a business along with product architecture, capital management and operational work are all important elements.



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