Who Are We?

BlockAhead aims to equip the modern day industries with all kinds of solutions
that they want.

BlockAhead aims to equip the modern day industries with all kinds of solutions
that they want.

Moreover the ethos behind paddling good solution and services is to make sure that companies can seamlessly run their business processes with minimum errors. Blockchain technology is not just our current niche but it is the need of the hour.

BlockAhead is assisting companies in different walks of their business cycles. A dedicated team of experts is working relentlessly to make sure that companies do not have to worry about their sacred data which needs to be protected.


Our Services

We make sure that our services are enough to suffice for the needs and
wants of your business.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain has been a part of many global conversations ever since bitcoin came into existence.

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Blockchain Consulting

We have a sound history of assisting our clients on moving with amazing qualitative blockchain suspensions.

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Blockchain Supply Chain

Blockchain stands concrete on its feet in terms of fashioning security, clarity and scalability.

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Hyperledger Blockchain

Our committed team of blockchain management is looking forward to work on complex issues.

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EOS Blockchain Development

Speed is perhaps the most important element for any organization. We have a committed team.

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dApp Development

dApp development is an important aspect for EOS as it gets a line drawn between execution.

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Our Solutions

we aim to make sure that our customers get smart solutions which are in compliance
with the modern standards.

Supply Chain Management

when it comes to the management of supply chain in a firm then three things are very pivotal to the firm which are inclusive of tactical information, operational work and strategic planning.

Many software systems use chaotic ways to smoothen the supply chain system, however with blockchain we can easily solve those issues. Supply chains can greatly act as a catalyst for an already existing business by cutting down the issues which are part and parcels of a business process.

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Consumer Product Tracking

The smart solutions which we provide through blockchain will benefit not just the certified authorities but also the manufacturers who can then provide authentic sources by quoting each service and product with a cryptographic hash.

This is then pursued by the users easily locating every stage which it has to pass through. Moreover customers are also guaranteed trust when they are given product traceability details.

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Cross-Border Payment

Looking forward to reduce your time and costs in managing transactions? We’re glad to have you here.

With this solution in hand not only will we provide you with a safe platform for carrying out transactions but also will encourage clients to conduct anonymous transactions during the AML and KYC regulation meetings. Moreover with blockchain network in the light, all recorded transactions can be accessed at any time too.

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Peer-to-peer crowd funding

We have fashioned a decentralized platform based on blockchain which will encourage borrowers and lenders to gather at one place.

Moreover this union also manufactures strong relationships between the two parties as they garner their conditions. Along with this the big idea is that lenders can earn even more with the elimination of the middleman as conventional banks would consume their fair share.

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Applied Technologies

Technolgy connects the world which is why we believe in making sure
that you stay connected.



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